Friday, 6 January 2006

samarkeolog: access

Happily, I'm now in Cyprus; unfortunately, it's made blogging difficult, as access to the internet where I am at the moment is minimal. I'm in Larnaca/Larnaka, which may have perfectly good personal connections, but which, according to the locals, doesn't have any internet cafes; I'm on the hotel's computer.

Tomorrow, I should go to Nicosia/Nikosia/Lefkosia/Lefkosa (though I suppose not Lefkosa, as, if everything were utterly Hellenised or Turkified, Lefkosa (the Turkish name for the divided city) would only exist north of the Green Line). Once there, at least once settled in a flat there, I should be able to resume blogging as irregularly as I was before.

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  1. Thinking of Hellenised or Turkified names, my favourite (in Nicosia) was always Joan of Arc Street, translated from the French into English, transliterated into Greek and then back into English as "Jeanntark Street"