Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Phrase, rephrase, shudder

One of the many delights of working in a divided society is the opportunity it affords you to look at how you talk about things and how you present yourself, or, how you avoid talking about things and how you represent/re-present yourself.

When talking to people, you have to think about then phrase how you feel; then, you have to think about how the people you're speaking to feel, rethink it and rephrase it; then, having represented/re-presented yourself, you hear what you were willing to say to get what you wanted and you shudder.

I'm just glad that serendipity has led me to spend my time in certain social spaces - in particular restaurants, cafes and streets - that I have since found are settled by common social groups - bohemians, punks and karabouzoukles.

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