Tuesday, 21 March 2006

UNESCO's human rights education posters: interreligious and interethnic dialogue

This is Nazmi Hocha's (2004) design for interreligious and interethnic dialogue contributing to human rights education.

I spent a weekend in Paris at the end of last year and, when I went on a pilgrimage to UNESCO's headquarters, its railings were decorated with examples of its posters, which I found intelligent, educational and artistic (not, as so many posters are, unthinking, propagandistic or lazy).

This is just a quick post to help readers find (some of) UNESCO's human rights posters, as sitemeter has told me that a few people have come here from searches for them.

The key posters and other human rights educational materials that I've been able to find online are those for: Dialogue among Civilisations; and the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World; obviously, there are also UNESCO's and images.google's keyword searches, too.


  1. Hello , sorry to bother you , but do you know if this image has a copyright ? as in , can i use it on a flyer or not ?

  2. Sorry I don't know, but I assume that it does.