Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Iran Hackers' Sabotage

Trying to access Ymenus van der Werff's (1989) Council of Europe Report (DOC 6079) on the destruction of cultural heritage in Cyprus, I found instead Iran Hackers' Sabotage.

The hackers - LorD, NT and Cod3r - state that:
all muslim's nation condemned all terorist [terrorist] activities
in everywhere even in londen [London] or america
Do you think that all muslims are terrorists?
we are for peace...humanity. friendshp [friendship],kindness this is wrong.. we all are brothers,
Muslims has been more harmed by this kinde of actvities than the other believes [beliefs(?)]
Dont you guys see what has been hapenning [happening] to muslims in the last 50 years in Israel?
Dont u see in iraq how many casualties have muslims pr [per] day?
Dont u see the attitude of americans [not Americans, the USA] towards muslims in goantanamo [Guantanamo]?
We Are : LorD, NT, C0d3r
IRC.ihsTEAM.Com #IHS Gr33tz to all Muslim`s Hackers
I'm going to ignore their following of a rejection of stereotyping and collective guilt with what appears to be the stereotyping and collective blaming of all Americans for their government's activities.

I wouldn't mind them hacking in protest in principle, but researching conflicts over cultural heritage in Cyprus, it's difficult enough to get people to talk to you, without finding that the documents that the different sides in the argument depend upon are inaccessible.

People's unwillingness even to trot out the party line for me, let alone to have a meaningful discussion with me, is really hampering my work, so other people blocking access to the documents I'm now having to rely upon is unwelcome, to put it politely.

(Obviously, as important documents, I would have to use them anyway, but in the absence of other sources that address the destruction of cultural property in southern Cyprus as well as in northern Cyprus, I need these.

This and other documents are being used by the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot archaeologists and politicians, but their veracity is itself in question and I can't assess that without access to the documents.

Both sides, moreover, only quote or make available those data from the reports that are convenient to them, which, while unsurprising, is a real problem in the absence of the full reports and in the absence of balanced reviews of the material.)

So, please, Iran Hackers' Sabotage, if you're going to hack in protest, would you mind not hacking human rights websites and interfering with human rights work?

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