Saturday, 29 July 2006

Research blog: US military intelligence site visits

I don't want to sound melodramatic, paranoid or otherwise neurotic, but I am uncomfortable about the number and frequency of US military intelligence site visits I've found when checking my research blog's sitemeter.

Optimistically, I could say that the US (and to a lesser extent, other governmental and inter-governmental) military (and) intelligence's visits to my site are a demonstration of the quality and value of the blog and that I should be glad that my research may be contributing to more more knowledgeable, nuanced policies and practices.

Pessimistically, I could say that I dislike what might be labelled visits from or reading by, but might also be branded observation, or even supervision, by sources
  • who I do not have even indirect personal or professional contact with and
  • who have a very poor track record in terms of the ethics, politics and practice of their military and intelligence operations,
who I simply do not trust to use my work correctly or responsibly.

I'm waiting for Harry Tuttle to come to my rescue...

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