Friday, 15 June 2007

Siirt OHAL, Kurdistan/Turkey

The first one I heard, I wasn't listening to and assumed was a door slamming or tire bursting or something; but I've heard hundreds in the last few minutes, some of them deep and booming. There's a shoot-out in the city - and it's nearby; this is Siirt under OHAL, the temporary emergency security measures imposed upon three zones in northern Kurdistan/south-eastern Turkey (Siirt, Şırnak and Hakkari). As someone wryly observed to me earlier today when a police chopper went past, here, 'we live under helicopters'.

[Updated at 10.25pm on the 15th of June 2007.]

Thankfully, the fighting has moved further away and either stopped or moved out of earshot. I'm looking forward to seeing what news reports there are, if any.

[Updated on the 17th of June 2007.]

As far as I know, it hasn't been reported, so, presumably, at least no-one was injured or killed.

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