Saturday, 21 July 2007

Europe train timetables

I've just found a fantastic site for train timetables for all of Europe. Using the excellent seat61 to plan my rail travel across Europe (a "holiday" to draft my methodology chapter on, visiting family, friends and colleagues), despite its massive amounts of well-presented information, I was still spending hours going from page-to-page, to map, to page again and still hadn't been able to decide upon the best routes for me to take (just because of the random places I'm pitching up).

Then, on seat61's page for Europe, it gave a link to (the fantastic) Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), which lets you search for a connection for any internal or international journey in Europe. (The first link goes to the German-language query page, the second to the English-language one.)

Now it'll take me mere minutes to work out timetables for my trains from Istanbul (in Turkey) to le Ferme (in France) and back again, with stops in Ljubljiana (Slovenia), Guca (Serbia) and Mainz (Germany) - and anywhere else in Europe I can find people who feel obliged to host me - on the way.

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