Saturday, 1 September 2007

Fieldwork notes: change

Recently, a lot of my "fieldwork notes" have been posted on here, rather than my research blog, human rights archaeology, but, as I noted there on this change:
Good news for me and anyone reading this blog: the format and style of my fieldwork notes and their extracts are going to change, or, rather, they have changed. No longer languishing without a viable research subject, I'm not making the banal "diary" entries or the random observations that I felt I had to write down, just in case.

Now, the "fieldwork notes" will range from notifications... to presentations of my site visits... to reviews of aspects of the human rights situations in the places my work is concerned with... and will even double back to "traditional" fieldwork notes when something happens that warrants mention....
So, when I'm posting stuff like cultural heritage site documentation, thesis chapter and sub-chapter drafts, etc., I'll post them there and a note here.

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