Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cyprus: international worker post suspended

I've just suspended the previous post. It was a comment on another post by an international worker in Cyprus, which made allegations that the worker/commentator didn't provide evidence for. I captured an image of the comment, then deleted it and reproduced an edited version of it as a post. Even that made some allegations, but the worker-commentator had promised evidence.

Without any evidence, I've had to withdraw it - until he/she provides evidence, when I will repost it altogether (all together) - but the widely-documented aspects of the worker's allegations were that: 'we are EU citizens, and we experienced this summer, forced work, inhuman treatement from so called employer.... my employer dosent even learnd my name, called me "Petro"[.] i was afraid at last I will have just a number as in concentration camps.'

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