Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Clapton security measures

I was starting to think I lived in such a hole it was unappealing to invaders and looters, but finally I've found one (or more), so I've had to fashion some makeshift security measures for my flat in Clapton...

Martin Rundkvist has his wasp nest; I have my mouse. (It's my first guest. )

This is my second attempt (after the first epic fail). There's a Sainsbury's Value Wrapping (no, it doesn't Cling) Film barrier, held in place by two cola bottles, the tops of which fill the mouse's easiest points of entry.

The mouse quickly grew dismissive of my claps, so now when I hear it gnawing its way through my pathetic defences, I tap the brush against the clingfilm barrier to scare it away for a while.


  1. You're not the first to suggest it, and I might get one after something more substantial is done.

    But my concern is that the only way for the trap to work is for me to let the mouse back into my flat and hope that it goes for the trap, rather than disappearing into my food/clothes/books, etc.

    It's a studio hovel, so it's not like I can just quarantine the mouse in one room and wait for it to take the bait.