Sunday, 12 July 2009

Huguenot Corsair: history of crime

Serendipitously, I struck upon the Huguenot Corsair and its links to articles on the history of crime, and its economics and politics.

Now I can distract myself with Britain's smuggling history, as well as with discussions of how Anglo-French colonial rivalry fuelled smuggling in West Africa and how (Spanish and) British colonial history influenced Jamaican drug smuggling.

I can keep up-to-date with Russian mafia money-laundering and/through gambling in Montenegro and Serbia and Croatia, and Kosovo Albanian KLA/mafia business in London (though I would dispute its alleged control of the European heroin trade, and am particularly wary of analysts who say Kosovo's problems mean it should be denied statehood, especially when they say it with the 'sweetest [passion]' of 'revenge').

There was even a link to something on Greek police/intelligence's war with organised crime and terrorism. At least there was one thing closely related to my work, on an apparent decline in Turkish narcotics smuggling...

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