Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Agia Irini: desecrated Greek Cypriot burial

Touring cultural heritage sites with some other archaeologists - at the time looking for an altogether older cemetery - we stumbled upon this graveyard and its ruined memorials, of which this desecrated Greek Cypriot burial is an example.

I'm afraid I can't read the inscription adequately, but I believe that it names the deceased as Eleggou N. Ttyrkalli(?), who died at some point in 1971.

[Updated on the 25th of November 2006.]

Agia Irini (or Ayia Irini) is the Greek Cypriot name; Camlibel is the Turkish or Turkish Cypriot name (though I'm not sure whether Camlibel was a pre-existing Turkish Cypriot alternative or whether it was imposed under Turkish occupation, or whether it was imposed, but has been accepted by the Turkish Cypriot community).

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